My Top 5 Must Read Blog Posts

Just wanted to share my "must read list" for developers. These are just a few articles that I re-read on a regular basis and always gleam something new.

  1. John Carmack's on Inlined Code - There's something about his humility when reflecting on his beliefs and practices.
  2. Adrian Kosmaczewski's Being a Developer After 40 - I usually share this with Juniors to help them build their careers.
  3. André Staltz's Getter-Setter Pyramid - It's a great post on how to leverage the humble function.
  4. Fred Hebert's Tout est Terrible - Translated talk to English on software failures. I recommend talks by Fred, they're quite humorous.
  5. Joel on Software's Why I Hate Frameworks - As my colleague would always say:

    We have a problem. Let's use the factory pattern... Now we have two problems.

What blog posts do you re-read regularly?